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925 Sterling Silver Jerusalem / Crusader Cross Pendant Necklace + Free Chain

925 Sterling Silver Jerusalem / Crusader Cross Pendant Necklace + Free Chain

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925 Sterling Silver Crusader / Jerusalem Cross Pendant Necklace + Free Chain


Free 18" long 316L non allergenic Surgical/Stainless Steel Cable Link Chain OR 18" long 925 Sterling Silver Box chain

Longer chains available for a surcharge

The Jerusalem Cross is a major symbol used in Christianity, representing Christ’s command to spread the Gospel around the world beginning in Jerusalem. The symbol is basically composed of 5 crosses; 1 large central cross with 4 smaller crosses in each quadrant. It is also often referred to as the Crusader’s Cross

Popular interpretations of the Jerusalem Cross:
• The central cross stands for Christ and the four smaller crosses stand for the 4 evangelists John, Luke, Mark, and Matthew.
• The large cross represents Christ as the strength at the center of Christianity and the smaller crosses as the 4 corners of the earth to which the faith spread.
• The crosses represent the wounds that Christ suffered when He was crucified; the central cross for the wound on His side, and the 4 smaller crosses for the wounds on His hands and feet.
• The 5 crosses represent the five nations that figured in The Crusades: Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

This intricate piece was cast from solid stamped nickel free 925 Sterling Silver.

Pendant Length including bail approx. 0.8"; Width approx. 0.55"

Weight approx. 3 Grams

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