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925 Sterling Silver Celtic Epona Horse Pendant + Free Chain

925 Sterling Silver Celtic Epona Horse Pendant + Free Chain

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The horse has a long history with the Celtic people, and at times was a deity unto itself-perhaps even the first Celtic deity. Horses were associated by the Gauls with several gods and goddesses, and were emblems of the sun. The horse was a tremendously important animal to the Celtic tribes, and its domestication transformed the Celtic culture Horses were used for meat and milk and provided labor for farming and transportation, making for huge advances in hunting and war-making. The horse was so important to the Celts it was associated with the sun god, who often appeared as a horse with a human face. The horse is also linked to a number of ancient war goddesses Perhaps the best-known horse deity of the Celts was the Goddess Epona (Gaulish, “mare”), the horse-mother, a favorite goddess of warriors who was so popular, she had the singular honor of becoming the only Celtic goddess worshiped within the borders of Rome. Cast from solid, stamped 925 Sterling Silver Nickle free. Length approx. 1.25" (including bail). Width approx. 0.9" Weight approx. 4 grams. Inclusive 18" long 316L Surgical Stainless Steel Cable Link chain OR 18” Sterling Silver Box chain. Jewelry gift box. Longer chains available.

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